Saturday, February 4, 2017 at IOTA Club

2832 Wilson Boulevard, Clarendon, VA
w/ HüsBand and Sister Ex

The Band
King Mixer is a Washington, DC-based band whose four members (James Lee, Steve Engel, Danny Ingram, and Dan Marx) have more than one hundred years of experience (how cool and/or scary is that?) playing in both notable and criminally over-looked musical projects. Each member of King Mixer is a veteran of DC’s (in)famous independent/alternative music scene, and previous bands included radioblue (MercyBeat Records), Youth Brigade (Dischord Records), Ultracherry Violet (Bedazzled Records), Strange Boutique (Bedazzled Records), Swervedriver (Creation Records) and a dozen or so more.

Download Songs
>> The Next Time (MP3)
>> Nowhere (MP3)
>> I Heard You In Night (MP3)
>> Unimpressed (MP3)

>> Didn't It Hurt (MP3)


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