The Band
King Mixer is a Washington, DC-based band whose four members have more than one hundred years of experience (how cool and/or scary is that?) playing in both notable and criminally over-looked musical projects. Each member of King Mixer is a veteran of DC’s (in)famous independent/alternative music scene, and previous bands included youth brigade (dischord records), radioblue (mercy beat records), ultracherry violet (bedazzled records), strange boutique (bedazzled records), swervedriver (creation records) and a dozen or so more.

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The CD >> Better Off
King Mixer recently self-released its debut CD, Better Off, featuring 12 original songs (which is probably better than 12 unoriginal songs). Better Off was recorded by our good friend Norman Van der Sluys in his home studio in Washington, DC over a marathon 13-hour session. The CD captures the music, energy, noise — warts and all — of a band doing what they love best.

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Download Songs
>> Unimpressed (MP3)
>> Didn't It Hurt (MP3)


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